Overseas Delivery

Purchase a Volvo, Get a Vacation

Lovering Volvo Cars Nashua can help you discover a unique way to explore the captivating country of Sweden in your new Volvo.

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The experience begins in Sweden

When you purchase your Volvo from Lovering Volvo Cars Nashua, the price includes an unforgettable journey that starts in Gothenburg, Sweden — the place where Volvosareborn:

  • Two round‑trip tickets to Scandinavia — enjoy premium seating with our preferred airline SAS along with priorityboarding.
  • One night stay at the Clarion Hotel Post in Gothenburg — located in the heart of the City in the Central Square
  • Home shipment services — to your local U.S. Volvo dealer
  • Assistance from an Overseas Delivery specialist — to plan an amazing journey with your new Volvo. Overseas Delivery travel planning courtesy of Corporate Travel.
  • Complimentary insurance coverage — up to 15 days of European car insurance, including temporary Swedish registration

Here's how Overseas Delivery works

Take your Volvo delivery experience to the next level. Purchase a car, get the journey of a lifetime.

How Volvo Overseas Delivery Works
Place your order at Lovering Volvo Cars Nashua

Purchase the Volvo of your dreams from Lovering Volvo Cars Nashua and start your overseas adventure. Not all Volvo models are available for Overseas Delivery. Contact us for details on models that are currently included in the program.

How Volvo Overseas Delivery Works
Pick up your vehicle

Pick up your new Volvo at the Gothenburg Factory Delivery Center in Sweden or any official delivery location in Europe. We will register your new car for your stay in Europe, provide you with 15 days insurance, plus Volvo On Call Roadside Assistance, at no charge.

How Volvo Overseas Delivery Works
Explore your Volvo

Explore your Volvo on the roads of Sweden. Choose one of our specially curated tours or venture out on your own, anywhere in Europe.

How Volvo Overseas Delivery Works
Bring it home

Drop off your new Volvo back in Gothenburg or any official drop‑off location in Europe. Then sit back, relax and we'll take care of all paperwork and fees, including import duties, before we ship your new Volvo home to Lovering Volvo Cars Nashua.

Your exceptional delivery adventure

Overseas Delivery is a first-class experience with an itinerary designed by Volvo — exclusively for you.

Enjoy Overseas Delivery benefits

Choosing Overseas Delivery for your new Volvo has many great benefits.

Hassle‑free travel

No rental car expenses. We'll pick you up from the airport. After that, you'll be driving your own new Volvo.

VIP experience

You'll enjoy a special VIP tour at the factory where your new Volvo came to life, at the Volvo Brand Experience Center or at the historic Volvo museum.

Worry‑free paperwork

We'll take care of U.S. import duties, customs, port clearance and excise taxes.

Volvo Overseas Program Specialist

Your Overseas Delivery Specialist

Ordering your Volvo through our Overseas Delivery Program at Lovering Volvo Cars Nashua is convenient and easy with a specialist to help you every step of the way. We'll ensure a smooth and precise ordering and delivery experience for your new Volvo — and answer any questions you may have, including which Volvo models are currently available for purchase through the Overseas Delivery Program.

*Available Models for Overseas Delivery may vary. Please see our Overseas Delivery Specialist for more details on current models available within the program.

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