Blind Spot Information System


Volvo's Blind Spot Information System is more commonly known as BLIS. It was introduced by Volvo back in 2003. Volvo realized how dangerous it can be if a driver doesn't spot a car in their blind spot. They made it their mission to solve this problem, hence introducing BLIS. The cameras and radar keep an eye out for other vehicles on the sides and towards the back corners of your vehicle. If there is a car in your blind spot area, there is a warning lamp that will turn on. This gives the driver plenty of time to react and plan accordingly.

The sensors in this system hide in the bumper cover in the back corners of the vehicle. The system is constantly scanning and is ready to warn drivers of what may be hiding in the blind spots of the vehicle. BLIS cameras are incorporated into the auto-folding door mirrors.

Award-Winning Technology

BLIS won the Autocar Safety and Technology award. It was the first system of its kind in the industry. BLISAt the time of introduction, this technology was said to be the most useful, original, and intuitive safety technology to reach the auto production line in many years. This technology is affordable, and is something that drivers sought a need for, making it so it will be used regularly.

Many know that Volvo has a goal of having no one hurt or seriously injured in a Volvo by the year 2020, but that idea had to start somewhere. In order for Volvo to reduce the number of injuries and fatalities due to car accidents, they realized they had to find a way of reducing the number of accidents that happen in the first place. The system was first tested in 2001 on the Safety Concept Car. It was a very exciting time when it reached a real, road-worthy vehicle in model year 2003.

Rear-view mirrors are necessary to driving, however, even with that mirror, a driver will still have blind spots. There is a very high risk when drivers are changing lanes. BLIS is active at speeds above 10km (about 6MPH). It will alert the driver of people driving in their blind spots at speeds of about 20km or 12MPH slower than them and it will continue to be able to monitor other vehicles that are speeding up to 70km or 43MPH faster than you.

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