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Refer a Friend · Get $200 · It Pays to Chatter


Welcome to the Lovering Auto Group Customer Referral Program!

Lovering Auto Group realizes that our best form of advertising is YOU! Recognizing this, we have developed a Customer Referral Program that rewards your efforts in sharing your positive experience with others and directing them to us. Our commitment is to treat your referrals with the high level of customer satisfaction that you have experienced.

You will receive $200 when your referral takes delivery of their NEW or PRE-OWNED vehicle.

WANT $200?

There are three basic rules that apply to make sure that you receive your $200 referral fee:

  1. The referred customer must ask specifically for your Sales Person before the sale process begins. Be sure your referral tells us that you sent them in.
  2. The referred customer cannot be a current or previous customer of Lovering Auto Group.
  3. In the event that your Sales Person is not available, instruct your referral to ask for a Sales Manager.

-The Lovering Auto Group wants this program to be fun and rewarding. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us or call and ask to speak to a Sales Manager.

*You must complete a U.S. form W-9. In the event that you earn $600 or more, it becomes taxable income.

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