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Polestar has been optimizing Volvo cars for racing circuits and competitions since 1996, but now that technology has been put in the hands of the consumer. The horsepower and torque-adding accessory is available in models as old as 2006. The upgrade re-optimizes and keeps full functionality in all of the many built-in safety functions designed to save the engine in case of a partial system malfunction. It has been developed and thoroughly tested at the Volvo Engine Laboratories using the same elaborate testing procedures that Volvo uses for their standard engines.

The best news of all in 2016, is that this performance optimization is now also available in Volvo Drive-E models. In the near future, the Polestar optimization will also be available as a Port Installed Option. Currently, the MSRP of the Drive-E software has an MSRP of $1,245.00.



Check out the optimization of Polestar here on all of our 2016 4-cylinder vehicles:

Polestar 11



Throttle Response

1) Throttle response has been optimized for improved feedback and response. This is for overtaking when driving in the middle of a windy road. The calibration makes it so that the engine has a quicker response time from the driver’s commands.  This makes for a more precise driving experience.


gearshift speed2) The gearshift speed has been increased for the car to accelerate faster and react more direct to the commands of a driver. The faster gearbox provides the driver with more direct control of the car.


gearshift precision3) Gearshift Precision and Gear Hold – The gearshifts have been calibrated, providing a more direct and precise driving experience as well as faster acceleration. Gearshift points have been calibrated to efficiently use the optimized mid-range performance of the engine. The gear hold function holds the gear during cornering at high lateral g-forces, which will prevent unwanted gearshifts mid-corner that can unsettle your car’s balance.


Throttle Response4) Off-throttle Response – The gearbox and engine have been calibrated to provide a faster response when the driver quickly lifts off the throttle for a moment. An example of this would be when you are briefly braking before taking a corner. These functions keep the car in balance during fast cornering and provide you, the driver, with improved predictability and control of the car.


Polestar5) Engine Performance The Drive-E optimizations were developed to provide more performance in the mid-range of the engine where the driver uses it the most when driving actively. Examples of this would be overtaking or when you are entering a busy highway. Increasing the mid-range performance combined with the supporting changes for the gearbox and throttle response, make the car more dynamic and responsive to drive.




Polestar provides the kind of enhanced performance that kicks in when it’s needed most. Polestar will not impact the certified fuel economy or emissions, and Volvo’s factory warranty is not affected provided it is installed at an authorized Volvo retailer.

  • The installed price for the T5 Polestar Performance Upgrade is $1,295 and is available for most 2008 and newer C30, S40 and C70 models at Lovering Volvo.
  • The installed price for the T6 Polestar Performance Upgrade is $1,495 and is available for 2011 and newer S60, XC60 and XC70 models at Lovering Volvo.




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