Routine Washes Matter, Especially in the Winter

Once the snow hits, we are extremely relieved to see the sight of plows on the roads. When the plows are out, we know that the snow is getting cleared, and the roads are covered with salt and sand. Though the salt and sand gives us traction on the road, it does present severe damage to our vehicles. This damage can be prevented, and we will tell you how.

BOSS-plowIt is very important to have your vehicle thoroughly washed, and frequently. When you are getting your vehicle washed, be sure to ask for the upgraded wash, where the undercarriage is washed as well. Doing this is just as important as washing the exterior of the car. Typically, the lowest costing wash does not include this, so be prepared to pay the extra charge.undercarriage

Mechanics find that they replace dozens of radiators each year because if you are not washing your vehicle routinely, the core of your radiator oxidizes. If the radiator is oxidizing, then you can be sure that the rest of your vehicle is being eaten away as well.

Typically, seeing a vehicle with a life of 15 years is expected. Unfortunately, routine maintenance will not stop a frame from being rotten out early, after say 8 or 9 years. A rotten frame deems your car to be utterly useless to you.

In order to prevent  corrosion from salt and sand on the roads, you should prepare your car for the winter months. Before the snow falls, check the exterior of your vehicle for chips in the paint, which will in turn help you to evenly apply wax and sealant. Even after the initial snow fall, be sure to go back and routinely wax your car throughout the winter so that you can protect the paint from salt and grime.

Saltwater stains on vehicle carpets are unsightly, but did you know that it is more than just an eye sore? When saltwater soaks the carpets, and seeps through the floor, it rusts and corrodes the floor of the car. It is important to switch over to rubber floor mats so that the water does not soak through and cause damage to the undercarriage.

elegant-volvo-auto-logo-tailor-made-carpet-car-floor-mats-rubber-5pcs-large-1024x768You can even prevent damage to your wheels by replacing them with steel or alloy wheels. Do this along with putting snow tires on your vehicle, and you and your vehicle will remain healthy throughout the winter.