Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a trade-in value of my car without physically bringing it in?

We understand that it can be inconvenient to bring in your vehicle to get an appraisal on it. You may want to get your investigation process started so that you can find out how much money you will have towards your new purchase. We would be happy to give you an estimated guess on the value of your trade in vehicle before you arrive. We simply ask that you keep in mind that this number could vary, depending on our physical analysis of the vehicle.


Can I have a vehicle moved to a different Lovering location that is more convenient to me?

Lovering Auto Group proudly owns 3 different store locations, and we would be happy to utilize those for your convenience. We can easily move a vehicle from our Concord store to our Nashua store, for example. In order to do this, we require a minimum of 24 hours notice to provide to our drivers. Another useful piece of information is that we only move our pre-owned vehicles. Our sales team has even gone so far as to pick up a customer from a different location, or show the vehicle to you at your home if you are local to us. Give us a try! We like to work with everyone.


Is there a warranty on pre-owned vehicles sold at Lovering?

Because our technicians carefully and precisely inspect each vehicle before it hits the lot, we do offer a guarantee on our pre-owned vehicles. Our Lovering guarantee enables you to have 3 days to decide if the pre-owned car you bought is really right for you. If you decide within 3 days and 1,500 miles that this is not the car for you, simply bring it back and we’ll refund you; no questions asked!

If it’s been a little more than three days, that’s okay too. At Lovering, we give you thirty days to decide if you are happy with your vehicle purchase, or if you’d like to swap it. That’s right! Within 30 days of your purchase date, you can bring back the car for something of equal value on our lot. We offer this great guarantee on vehicles that are 7 model years old or newer, with 100,000 miles or less on the odometer.

Read more about the Lovering guarantee here!


Should I lease or purchase my next vehicle?

Purchasing and leasing are both great choices. One option may be better than the other for you. Your situation will tell us which option may be the better of the two for you.

Purchasing a vehicle is a good option for someone who drives a lot of miles and likes to hold onto their car for a lengthy amount of time. Owning your vehicle out-right is good for those who drive further to get to work or like to take day trips on the weekend. You’ll never have a cap on the amount of miles that you can drive your car. Take good care of this car and you can hold onto it for a decade or more!

Owning a vehicle outright is also beneficial to those who pay off their loan within a 4 to 5 year period. Once your payments are complete, you have built equity to assist you in purchasing your next vehicle. Did we mention you can modify and customize the car as much as you’d like?

Leasing a vehicle can be a good option for someone who does not do a lot of driving. You may live down the street from your office, and drive very few miles over the weekend. Leases are good for people who are comfortable with a 10,000, 12,000, or 15,000 mile yearly limit. By leasing, you will have your vehicle for just a few years, and at the end of your term you can buy it from us, or swap into a different car. Those who lease really enjoy having a new car every few years with the most up-to-date technology.

Leasing is also beneficial to Volvo customers because of the warranty and complimentary factory scheduled maintenance on the vehicle. Your first 3 services are covered, which are completed at 10,000 miles, 20,000 miles, and 30,000 miles at no charge to you. These will likely fall within the time of your lease, and you won’t have the pay for a 40,000 mile service.


Where can I find current lease programs for the month?

We display our current lease specials online for you. Click HERE!


How do I sign up for the Overseas Delivery Program?

If you are interested in picking up your new Volvo overseas, then we recommend working with one of our Overseas Delivery specialists. We have more information on this page here!


What is Upfront Pricing?

The Lovering family does their best to make sure that your car buying experience is fun and painless. We want you to leave feeling in love with your vehicle! We begin this process by displaying all of our prices online. There are no mysteries here. The price that you see online is the price that you pay for the vehicle. You won’t have to waste your time hassling and negotiating for a great deal on your next car.


Can I purchase a car at Lovering if I live out of state?

We frequently work with out-of-state buyers! It is certainly not something that will stand in the way of you and your new car. Call us for details and tell us where you’re coming from so that we can make the process as smooth as possible.


Should I apply for financing before I make it in to the store?

We recommend looking over the vehicle you’re interested in before you apply for financing. When you apply for financing, it does affect your credit. We like to make sure that it is something that you are really ready to move forward with. If you would like to fill out the finance form in advance, you can find it here!


Please call us with any further questions about anything at all. 603-689-1851. Thank you!